Emmet LiveStyle changes the game

August 6, 2013

I know there are a bunch of live CSS editing tools out there; all of us have tried them and a couple of us use them daily. As a frontend developer, I think it’s key to speeding up the CSS implementation but I don’t use one often. I’ve really liked LiveReload, but it didn’t always help me out since I did a bunch of PhoneGap stuff and I had to complie (depending on the target device, it can be a headache). Well yesterday I was surprised because I think I fell in live with Emmet LiveStyle.

It’s pretty basic.

  1. Download the Chrome extenstion

  2. Download the Sublime Text plugin via Package Control

  3. Enable the extention, sync the css files accordionly

  4. Code away!

(Link to official instructions)

Reason why I love it so far is because it lets me work directly in the file in Sublime Text. I think it’s prefect for PhoneGap implementation because after I make my edits in Chrome or Sublime, save the file and re-complie. That’s it! Nothing changes, except the fact that I don’t have to spend as much time guesstimating and more time testing out designs.